Our software is a great help when running your business, enabling you to manage your daily schedule, staff, appointment booking and inventory at the touch of a button

Online Booking

Every Mavegara Spa Software business receives a free booking page, and your clients can schedule their appointment anytime and really fast with our hassle free wizard.

Appointment Management

Simple, intuitive calendar, redesigned allowing more staff, more appointments to fit your screen.


Your business is growing? Mavegara Spa Software grows with you, add a new business location on the fly, plus you get a free appointment booking page for each location you have.

Up to Date

Our web interface is always up to date, and we are adding new features constantly, gone are the days you needed to download and keep software updates, all you need is a browser and you are set to go.

Product Management

Manage your products with inventory control and vendor tracking, and a you can record product only transactions.

Package Management

Make service bundles and offer them to your clients, our software knows who bought the packagee services, and when an appointment is scheduled their package is automatically deducted from their account.

Gift Certificates

Powerful gift certificate tools, create your own redeemable gift card codes or let us automatically generate them for you, our system also lets you and top up Gift Card balances and credit any amount you need.

Credit Card Processing

With our integrated Credit Card processing, you can key-in and process credit cards directly and securely from the SimpleSpa POS, and optionally you can signup for merchant account and use a fully integrated EMV compliant wireless terminal for payments.

Ready to start your next project now?

Access and manage your business whenever and from anywhere in the world, with SimpleSpa your business has never been more secure and portable

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